Our Programs

Uncommon Good’s programs are designed to empower underserved families through education, medicine, and the environment.

Our programs are:

Connect to College Mentoring Program

Medicine for the Economically Disadvantaged (MED)

Urban Agriculture

Whole Earth Building Project

Uncommon Good's
Whole Earth Building



 Store Hours:  Mon-Fri 9am-5pm & Sat 9am-1pm

    08/19/17:  Asian Pears,  Amaranth Greens, Arugula,  Basil, Beets,  Bell Peppers, Celery, Cucumbers (Hmong, English types) Green Onions,  Hot Peppers, Kale (Dino & Vates ) Leeks, Mint, Purslane, Peaches, Radishes, Summer Squash, Cherry Tomatoes, Winter Squash.

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