“Having a mentor means a lot to me. We go places that I’ve never been before and I can tell her my problems. She makes me want to do well in school so I can go to a college like hers.”

Mentee Sara

Jessica Wants a Mentor Who is Fun

Jessica is 12-years-old and she lives with her mother in a trailer park in Pomona. She would like a mentor who is helpful, nice, and will do fun things with her. Sometimes she feels sad because she has to come home right after school where she is home alone when her Mom works.

An outgoing and talkative girl, Jessica likes listening to music, dancing, playing soccer, and watching comedy and horror movies. She would like to learn how to use a computer and would love to live in a shopping mall.

Jessica would like to become a teacher because she wants to help children, but she needs a mentor who can encourage her and help her understand what she needs to do to go to college. Although her California State test scores indicate that she is very intelligent, Jessica is struggling in both her English and Social Science classes.

If you are interested in becoming a Mentor or Tutor to a girl like Jessica, please call us at (909) 625-2248 or complete a volunteer application.

Michael Wants to Play Sports and Go to College

Michael, age 10, is the oldest of five children. He lives with both of his parents, but his dad works a lot and his mom is disabled so he is often responsible for his younger siblings. Michael, who is shy when he first meets people, describes himself as cool, funny, and good at sports.

Michael likes to play football, basketball and swim. Because of his family’s dire financial situation and his responsibilities at home, he isn’t able to do these things very often. Michael would like a big brother figure who can teach him about college. He could also use a friend who can expose him to some new activities and guide him in the right direction.

Because he needs assistance with math, it may be difficult for Michael to achieve his goal of becoming a doctor. But having a Mentor would help him to reach his potential.

If you are interested in becoming a Mentor or Tutor to a boy like Michael, please call us at (909) 625-2248 or complete a volunteer application.

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